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Tired of looking for processes to automate? Instead, start transforming your business!

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

The workplace is undergoing its biggest change in more than a century. In the future, companies will be staffed by a combination of human and intelligent digital workforce. 

Many companies look at different forms of automation. Today, it is a matter of course to replace monotonous and time-consuming elements and tasks. These digital employees do not get tired or make mistakes. But often, there is a lack of a simple interface to start the various automations and above all to find the objects and processes you want to automate. 

Self-service has been around for a long time. But before, when you went into a grocery store, you went to the counter and asked a trader for the goods you wanted and then he picked them up and gave you the goods and got paid at the counter. Today when we shop, we want to choose our goods and compare ourselves and preferably automated online. The same applies with most services, customer satisfaction is greater when you can easily and quickly solve your needs yourself. Instead of sitting in a telephone queue for a support case, it is easier if I could solve the need I have without intermediaries. 

We at Onify help companies and organizations to simplify digital work. With Onify, you connect the company's IT systems and processes with one interface with automation to the underlying systems. We enable simplified self-service with automation and with that we save time. 

Onify indexes data (metadata) and makes it searchable in milliseconds. Once you have found what you are looking for, as on Google, you can manage data by changing the information or starting processes that are then started or entered into the underlying systems. In general, it is all about role-based self-service, where the employee himself gets access to the data he needs to be able to work efficiently and relieve internal resources such as IT, Finance and HR.

Are you a Changemaker? Contact us at Onify and we can tell you more about how we have helped other customers such as Ljusdal Municipality, University of Helsinki, Bravida and Techtrade. 

We at Onify are convinced that we can help you save time + costs + increase efficiency = Business development.

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