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Onify takes the next step with competent partners

Onify is a Swedish software company that has developed a platform for meta-information and automation. Onify makes the hard seem easy, with an interface for all systems and processes. With several years of experience and references from customers in both Sweden and abroad, we are now investing heavily in a strong growth. Behind the initiative are a team of experienced profiles from the IT industry.

Imply AB and Kleist Cooperation AB are joining as new partners in Onify AB. Behind Imply AB stands eg. Fredrik Pürkner, who has extensive experience in the IT industry as an entrepreneur and leader in several companies as well as Max Sandberg former CIO at Göteborgs Stad. Behind Kleist Cooperation AB stands Jan Kleist, who previously was global IT manager at Ericsson.

Together with the new partners there is a great potential for Onify to find new markets and customers. I am very confident in the team who are now involved in the company, says Robert Lundsten at Onify AB.

When I saw what Robert created with Onify, I immediately saw many applicable areas where Onify really makes a difference. With Onify, the user reduces lead times and increases the ability to find all structured data. But it doesn't stop there, the great thing is that from the same platform you can also manage and change data to underlying systems with full automation. I am absolutely convinced that the world needs Onify, says Fredrik Pürkner at Imply AB.

I immediately saw the benefit of Onify in light of my previous role in Göteborg Stad. The need to have a single automation platform for all IT objects in the public sector is enormous, says Max Sandberg at Imply AB.

If I had had the opportunity to do what Onify does in my previous assignments as responsible for IT at Ericsson, then customer satisfaction would have increased and costs could have been significantly reduced. Something that is highly relevant to most companies and industries, says Jan Kleist at Kleist Cooperation AB.

About Onify

Onify is a young, Swedish, innovative company that, with the latest technology, has developed a whole new way of managing information, objects and services in one and the same interface. A solution that quickly gained customers in the municipality (kommuner), univeristies and in the private sector.

What does Onify do?

IT portals are not new in themselves, they have been around for a long time, but doing what Onify does is unique. One can easily say that Onify digitizes and automates internal processes and presents the information in a simple interface. By INDEXING and gathering information, making it SEARCHABLE, it is easier and more efficient to MANAGE objects (Object Management) and services. Everything is web-based and role-based and easily adapted by your own organization. The big win is that you simplify, get better control and save time.

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